Vancouver Washington Engagement Session | Jess & Mark

I can't tell you their story better than Jess told it to me (edited for privacy):

"We are Mark and Jess down in Portland, OR! We've been engaged since November of last year and will be getting married in August, 2018.

Our third anniversary was on October 9th, though we still haven't figured out why it took until 2014 to find each other. We both graduated from UW in 2010. We both moved to Portland in 2011. We even lived only a few blocks apart for OVER A YEAR in the same neighborhood. Never in that time do we so much as remember passing each other on the sidewalk.

Have you ever talked to someone and just immediately knew you were on the same wave length? That was our first date, and basically every day since. We erupt into spontaneous dance parties while cooking, have rescued each other from accidental mullets, and never laugh harder than when we are together. How could we not decide to keep THAT going?

Today we have a home together in Portland with our two dogs, two chinchillas... plus five roommates and THEIR pets! It's a beautiful chaos maintained with genuine high fives, tech tinkering, and brunch. Lots of brunch."

I love their story! Capturing even a small moment of it was a blessing. We used the WSU Vancouver campus in Salmon Creek, Washington as the backdrop for their engagement session. The sun delivered a beautiful golden hour, and we had a ton of fun exploring the campus grounds.