Hello, I'm Taylor

Welcome to my new website! Grab your coffee (or tea), get cozy, take a look around, and let's get to know each other better!

I am a 26 year old full time college student at WSU Vancouver in the Creative Media and Digital Culture program. I spend most of my time at school or at home on a computer editing photos, videos, or some other kind of creative digital work. I also spend a lot of time daydreaming about being able to adopt and pet every dog, but I digress. Growing up in the PNW has given me a love for the outdoors. I grew up in a small town with beautiful places to explore all around me. 

Before my mom was busy saving the world by working at the American Cancer Society, she was a photographer. This made it easy for her to encourage my passion, which started when I was around 13. That is little baby me to the left on desktop view and above in mobile (2004-ish). I had a tiny point and shoot camera that I would do self portraits on. I had an old Polaroid which I loved and clearly thought it would be cool to get a selfie with. Oh, how the times have changed. My self portrait skills have definitely improved over the years (right on desktop, below on mobile, 2016), and my favorite subjects to shoot have changed as well. When I was first starting out, I thought that I would work in the music industry. I volunteered at a local venue called the Noisebox. 


I had access to anywhere on or around the stage that I needed to get the shot. I also brought my camera with me to other venues whenever I could. I was at a show at the Hawthorne theater in Portland when a writer, who was working for Substream Music Press at the time, approached me. He said he would love to use my photos from the evening in his article about the event. 

This was very exciting for me, and it paved the way for another amazing opportunity. I was invited to meet and photograph Max Bemis (the singer of one of my favorite bands, Say Anything) during an interview with Jameson. At the time, I thought this would be the greatest moment in my photography career and I was so excited for the doors it would open towards my future in the music industry.. 


It soon became apparent that I could not chase that dream while still in high school, but I wasn't too upset about it. I was taking a digital photography class and loving every second of it. I had taken film photography classes at my previous high school, and while I missed the darkroom, I enjoyed learning the digital side of things. My teacher was Sean Morrison, and his classes changed my life. I really enjoyed any assignment that had to do with portraits. I started photographing weddings as a second shooter for my mom, and once for Morrison (after graduating). That was it - I fell in love with capturing love. Now, my favorite sessions to shoot professionally are engagements, senior portraits, and weddings.

When it comes to hobby photography, I used to just walk around my neighborhood with my little point and shoot camera, taking photos of everything I saw. But now that I am older, I have had the opportunity to travel a lot more, which has inspired a passion to capture lifestyle portraits and landscapes. You can follow my work over on Instagram

I will be regularly blogging photos from the archives, current sessions, and my travels. Whether you are looking for a photographer or you are one yourself, I hope you'll feel at home whenever you visit my blog. Thanks for stopping by! 


Taylor Jones